About Yoga

Our actions and the various things around us usually have a deeper nature than we are accustomed to thinking. One example of this is yoga.

In Vedic Sanskrit, the word ‘yoga’ (from the root ‘yuj’), in its most common literal sense, means to ‘unite’, ‘add’, ‘join’, or ‘attach’.

Yoga is a concept in Indian culture that, in a broad sense, means the totality of the various physical, mental, and spiritual practices aimed at managing mental and physiological functions of the body in order to achieve an individual’s sublime physical, mental, and spiritual state.

Yoga is an ancient way to take care of the body, mind, and spirit. The physical practices of yoga are poses, called asanas.

More and more people around the world practice yoga for its healing and healthful benefits. Yoga poses have medically proven physical benefits, such as improved circulation and digestion, less muscle and joint pain, lower blood pressure, calmer nervous system, better sleep, and increased energy. Yoga — a way to achieve physical and mental health by achieving harmony and balance between spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of the individual.

Today’s holistic concept in medical practice is much the same, upholding that all aspects of a person’s needs, including psychological, physical, and social, should be taken into account and seen as a whole.

But outside India, the term ‘yoga’ is often associated only with the Hatha Yoga and its poses (asanas) — physical exercises that do not fully reflect the spiritual and mental aspects of yoga.

Many yoga practitioners forget that yoga is not just a physical exercise. Many Americans and Europeans mainly practice the poses, leaving out the critical mental and meditative practices, which can bring more balance and harmony in one’s life.

Yoga poses, chakras and prana flow

As we know from physics, we live in an ocean of wave energy, which is invisible to our eyes. An easy way to verify the existence of the invisible ocean of energy waves is to turn on the mobile phone, radio, or television. In order to work, they must use the unseen, but real, electromagnetic waves.

Of course, our energy body consists of thinner and higher energy waves than the ones which are used in the above-mentioned devices. Chakras are special energy vortexes in our energy body which, like antennas, are used to receive and transmit certain energies in the environment. Each chakra is tuned to its own vibrational frequency and therefore can work only with the energy of a certain frequency spectrum.

Prana – universal life energy and one of the fundamental beliefs in the worldview of the ancient yogis.
Yogis believe that all living creatures consist of the energy vortexes, and this energy animates all existing forms. They also believe that we live in an ocean of prana, and life is a continuous process of accumulation and transformation of prana into a means of influence on their internal world and the world around us.

Visual Yoga app

Visual Yoga app will allow you to discover your hidden energy flow by helping you visualize the flow in the energy centers of your body during the performance of yoga poses. It can bring your yoga experience to a new level by deepening and strengthening your yoga practice.

Visual Yoga app depicts the intensification of the movement of energy in the energy centers and is intended to facilitate the visualization of these processes while performing yoga poses.

Discover the hidden energy forces within yourself – download the Visual Yoga app.

Features of the Visual Yoga app:

  • 72 yoga poses in HD video* with detailed visualization of the prana energy and chakras activation
  • Step-by-step instructions and descriptions of benefits for each pose
  • Learn more about the connection between each yoga pose and chakras
  • Create your own programs: choose the order of poses and duration of each pose
  • 4 different backgrounds – Infinity, Space, Ocean, and Studio
  • Five soothing music tracks available to create a peaceful atmosphere
  • Available for iPhone and iPad

* For stable and fast downloading of videos, please use a high-speed Internet connection.